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Sad to see you go....

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We have often joked to ourselves that if we were to keep everything that we truly loved, we'd have to live in a house with at least 50 living rooms and as many bedrooms!!  Failing that we could always start a there's a thought.

Joking aside, there has been much that has come through our doors that we would have kept, should we have had the space, and this is such an example; The G-Plan produced 'Emperor' sofa, which is extremely well named as it is an impressive piece of furniture at nearly two and a half metres in length; it can seat at least four folks very easily.1960s G-Plan sofa

It certainly has to be one of the biggest sofas we have dealt with, and it was certainly worth the effort once we had had it fully restored and brought back to life.

This was produced by G-Plan under licence from Boston based 'Selig' company, for a limited time only in the mid 60's, which is probably why we have only ever found one in all the time we have been running!  

It was also no doubt very expensive in it's day, which probably took it beyond the reach of most budgets, but it is also the sheer size of it that cut down its wider reach to the everyday customer.

G-Plan 'Emporer' sofa

Apart from it's size, it's very comfortable, we just melted into it!!  The idea of sitting in this for a few hours was certainly very tempting, perfect for lounging with a coffee and a magazine, or snuggling onto whilst watching your favourite programmes.

This maginificent piece would immediately take centre stage as the focus of anybodys attention, in any living room, and we decided to reupholster it in a Romo linen, which was very close to the original fabric and certainly gave it a luxurious feel.

Maybe one day we may just find can check out further images in our archive.

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